Viva Kit

You need to take your thesis to your viva. Your examiners don’t expect a perfect memory. You can use your thesis throughout to help you respond to questions.

You need to take a pen and paper. The viva is a discussion but it’s an important one. Give yourself the option of taking notes that could help you afterwards.

You need to take something to drink. Don’t forget! Many examiners and universities don’t arrange for refreshments and you’re likely to be in your viva for a few hours at least.

You need to decide on what you’ll wear. You don’t need to be smart for your examiners, but you can dress in a way that helps you feel as good as you possibly can.


You need to have the right kit for your viva. It won’t take a lot to bring this together. This post has the basics that everyone needs to think about – but what do you need for your research and your viva?