Here’s where I’ll host all of the original resources that I’ve made to help people prepare for their viva and finish their PhD. The largest resource is the podcast archive: interviews I recorded and shared between 2012 and 2017.

I’ve worked hard to create the following and I hope they help!

The tiny book of viva prep, July 2017

The tiny book of viva prep is exactly what it sounds like! From the introduction:

I love helping people prepare for the viva. That’s why I produce my Viva Survivors site and run workshops on viva preparation.

I also love things that are small and perfectly formed. This tiny book is my attempt to capture practical viva prep ideas. The goal is to focus on actions; look elsewhere for pre-submission or on-the-day advice. This is all about the time leading up to the viva. You don’t need to do everything; pick a smorgasbord of ideas that resonate, invest some time and you’ll be fine.

A small, print-and-fold-your-own 8-page book of viva prep advice. Completely free to download, print and share. Want to print and fold one for your friend? Do it. Want to email it to everyone you know? Do it. Want to put it on your site or make it available at your institution? Do it. The tiny book of viva prep is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, and so long as you follow the terms of the license, we’re cool. You can download The tiny book of viva prep from here. Then you need to print and fold it for yourself. Perhaps I’ll put up a video showing me folding one soon, but until then check out these folding instructions.

Viva Minicast 1, July 2017

A little helpful podcast of viva prep! Viva Minicast 1 is a recording of seven of my favourite blog posts from April to June 2017. I think these are a good set of practical helpers, reflections and more. I hope you’ll find them useful too!

Download Viva Minicast 1 (right-click and Save As)

Listen to Viva Minicast 1 (left-click, may open a new tab/window)

Want to hear more things like Viva Minicast 1? I want to make more things like this! If you have any thoughts on what would be helpful then drop me a line or tweet at me!

Viva Regulations, September 2018

Want to know what the thesis examination regulations are at your university? Check out my Viva Regulations resource! I searched for every set of regulations for every institution in the UK and found most of them. If you want to know the regulations for your university then I’ve probably got a link to them here. Do take a look, and if you find a broken link or your institution is missing then let me know. I’m trying to find all the remaining links.

7776 Mini-Vivas, November 2018

A neat set of questions that create an even neater set of games for viva preparation! From the introduction

Want to have a Mini-Viva? That’s what I’m calling a short reflection on your research or practice for the viva using useful questions.

In the 7776 Mini-Vivas resource there are lots of questions that you can use in lots of ways to help your viva prep. Have a tiny mock viva with a friend, record yourself reflecting on your research or roll dice to prompt you to answer useful questions. 7776 Mini-Vivas is a flexible resource to play and explore your research and get viva-ready. Do check it out!

Now, over to you!

What would help you prepare for your viva? What kinds of resources might make the difference? If you have a question, or a worry – if there’s something that I could help with then please email me and I’ll think about what I could make to help with that. Chances are, you’re not the only person who is thinking or worrying about it.