Best of Viva Survivors 2023: The Others!

Last week, between Christmas and New Year, I shared posts that collected some of my favourite writing on the blog from 2023. I like to round out the year like this but it’s hard to narrow down the lists of posts because there are so many that I’m fond of!

I shared posts on viva prep, surviving and confidence, but there were more posts I’m really proud of that didn’t neatly fit into one category or other. Rather than have them disappear into the ether of the Viva Survivors archive, here are five more of my favourite posts of 2023:

  • Putting In The Hours – a very personal piece, reflecting on my memories of my dad.
  • Surprising Questions From Candidates – surprising, not stupid! There are no stupid questions about the viva, viva prep and expectations 🙂
  • It Depends – Many questions about the viva have a response that starts with these two words!
  • My Atypical Viva – I remember lots of the little, weird details about my viva. It wasn’t like many others I’ve heard of – and at the same time it wasn’t so different either.
  • Was That It? – a little reflection on the day I submitted my final thesis.

Hope you find these five interesting or helpful!