Lists Leverage Lots

I love starting something with a list. There are lots of lists that can help with getting ready for the viva:

  • A list of key references in your bibliography.
  • A list of important results from your thesis.
  • A list of questions you anticipate at your viva.
  • A list of things to do as part of viva prep.
  • A list of annotations you could add to your thesis.
  • A list of people who could help you get ready.
  • A list of questions to ask your supervisor.
  • A list of typos that you find while reading before your viva.
  • And an incomplete list of possible lists that you may write as part of your viva prep!!!

You start something with a list. A list can focus or highlight, but it’s not the real work.

Any of the lists above and any others you might write could lead you to action or summarise information. So once you have a list related to your viva or prep, ask yourself what you need to do next.

Then do it.