Pick A Post, Any Post

With the help of a plugin and several hours of banging my head against the desk I came up with a little curiosity for the site: www.viva-survivors.com/randpost/ – a link that redirects to a random post from the 1000+ in the archive so far!

The first five it gave me were:

  1. Two Days After – a few thoughts about the end of the PhD.
  2. Your Greatest Hits – encouraging reflection on what you’ve done!
  3. Relatively Important – a post trying to put the viva in perspective.
  4. Interesting Challenges – another post encouraging a little reflection for viva prep.
  5. Ten Out Of Ten – how do you feel you measure up as you come close to finishing?

I’ve put a Randomly… section in the sidebar of the site, somewhere to click if you just want something else to read. With over three years of writing, I’m looking for interesting ways to curate older posts and present them. A random post link seemed like a simple way to start.

Click the link – www.viva-survivors.com/randpost/ – what did you find?