Checklist for Viva Prep

I’m trying something a little different for a few posts this week. Each post is a checklist of things to do for a different part of the viva process. I started yesterday with the Checklist for Submission, and today we continue with a Checklist for Viva Prep!

You’ve worked hard for years and your thesis is done. Check this list below when you’ve spent some time preparing for the viva. What have you done already?

  • I’ve read my thesis carefully all the way through.
  • I’ve made opportunities to practise answering questions.
  • I’ve annotated my thesis in a way that’s useful for me.
  • I’ve explored my examiners’ research.
  • I’ve reflected on my contribution to research.
  • I’ve made summaries to explore my thesis from different perspectives.

Marked some of these off? Then you’re on your way to being viva-ready. You might not need to do something that falls under all of these headings. Think about what will work well for you and when you can get it done.

Tomorrow: Checklist for the Viva!