Checklist for the Viva

I’m trying something a little different for a few posts this week. Each post is a checklist of things to do for a different part of the viva process. I started a few days ago with a Checklist for Submission, and yesterday we had a Checklist for Viva Prep. Today we continue with a Checklist for the Viva!

Not long to go now! Are you ready? Compare your current state to the list below:

  • I’ve explored the realistic expectations of the PhD viva in the UK.
  • I did the research; I wrote my thesis.
  • I’ve prepared for my viva.
  • I’ve got the things I need practically for the day.
  • I’ve reflected on where I can find confidence.
  • I’m ready to discuss my research, my thesis and myself with the examiners.

All good? Of course you are. You’re ready for your viva.

Tomorrow: Checklist for After!