Five Minutes

Have five minutes spare and feel like you need to do something productive for your viva prep but don’t know what? Try one of these:

  • Make a list. Key points, key papers, important people, helpful thoughts, things to do – you can’t go wrong with a list.
  • Redefine your contribution. Capture thoughts on the significant, original contribution you’ve made through your thesis.
  • Reflect on who your examiners are. What do you know about them? What does that mean? And what can you do to be a little more clear on them?
  • Read a random post of viva help. There’s a link to a random post in the sidebar of every page of Viva Survivors or use this link to get a random post!
  • Write about how you’re feeling. Feeling happy? Why and what can you do to hold on to that? Feeling worried? Why and what can you do to help with that? And so on.

Or maybe just rest. That’s OK too!