Questions For Your Examiners

The viva is a discussion about you, your thesis and your PhD journey, along with other relevant related topics. Most questions in the viva will naturally flow from your examiners towards you because they’re examining you and your work.

The viva is a conversation though: you might have some questions of your own.

  • You might want to ask your examiners for their opinion on your work.
  • You might need clarification of a point they’re making.
  • You might need a question rephrased.
  • You might just want to know what they think about something.

You have space in the viva to ask your examiners questions. In most cases these opportunities will arise naturally, for example, asking for clarification. It could still help to think through what you would want to know more about if the moment came where you could ask them something.

The viva can be a great opportunity to ask some experts what they think.