Quiet Time

It’s probably better for many candidates to have quiet while they do practical viva preparation tasks like reading their thesis, checking notes, adding annotations and so on.

To get that quiet you might need to talk to friends and family beforehand to ensure they understand your needs. You might have to schedule specific times depending on your circumstances.

A moment of quiet can help in rehearsal as well: mock vivas and conversations could have pauses, lulls and breaks to allow you to think or check your thesis. A little quiet can go a long way.

There’ll be quiet before the viva, quiet after the viva while you’re waiting for the result – and a lot of talking in-between!


PS: Quiet time before the viva could be usefully spent looking through the contents of the Viva Help Bundle – available for £6 until Thursday 30th November 2023! (a saving of over 50%)