Sounds Of The Season

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. Everywhere I go I hear seasonal music. Cheesy 80s number ones, crooners from a former era, carols.

Of course there are other signs too that Christmas is weeks away! – but the sound is the thing that sticks with me. There’s a series of associations building up the feeling and the energy.


I wonder if something similar could help for the viva? Actually, it’s more than a wonder, I’m sure it could!

I’ve heard from plenty of candidates and graduates over the years who have a viva prep or positivity playlist that helps to boost them. Songs that help someone to just feel better. Music that helps someone to concentrate. Sound that helps people to feel more confident that things will work out well.

What sounds – music, songs, tracks, whatever you call them – could help you as you prepare for your viva? And could they help steer your confidence positively?