Time Zones

I’m still enjoying my summer break from webinar delivery, but looking forward to starting again in the coming weeks.

One thing I always do now is see if everyone that I’m talking to is in the UK. There have been several times in the last few years when I’ve mentioned finishing for lunch that someone would say, “Actually, it’s almost bedtime for me…”

And just a few months ago someone shared that it was really early in the morning for them as they were in Alaska!

It helps to appreciate that others you’re working with might be in different time zones. There’s a conversion: you’re five hours ahead or three hours behind. There’s a difference between how you might feel at that time compared to someone else.


All of this makes me think of the different time zones of a PhD journey. At different stages you could feel very differently about your research, your progress and yourself.

Today, right now, you could be two years ahead of your first year. Whatever you felt then, whatever challenges you face, now you know more. Now you’ve done more.

Or maybe you’re three months away from your viva. You have viva prep ahead but the you-in-three-months will be ready. They may feel nervous but they can be confident too.

A day will come when you’re separated by hours from someone –  you again! – who has succeeded in their viva. You have nerves and wondering in those last hours, while they have smiles and tiredness!


Look back to reflect on your journey. Look ahead to see what you could still do to help yourself.

Whatever time it is, when you think about it, there’s always an opportunity for you to do something to help your viva preparation.