Out Of Ideas!

I’m so sorry, but I sat down to write and I have nothing left to say.

Almost six years. That’s how long it took me to write everything that I could say about the viva.

It was a good run, I suppose.


Still, there are almost six years of daily posts to read on the site. You can use the random post link if you want to read something at random, or perhaps use a tag to find support on all sorts of topics like viva prep, examiners and viva confidence.

You could even take a look at the anthology I published last year if you want a really considered take on the viva, what to expect and what to do. It’s the best of five years of writing.


Who knows if I’ll ever publish anything again after today, April 1st 2023, but on the off chance that this is just a strange day where I feel a little foolish, do subscribe if you haven’t already! 😉