Disarming Distractions

I need to remove distractions so that I can focus on my writing and projects.

I have to turn my email software off. Same for social media. I make sure I have drinks on my desk so I can’t use the excuse of getting up to avoid work. I wear noise-cancelling headphones and only listen to music without speech or singing.

And I always sit down with a plan so that I’m not distracted by debating with myself about “the best thing to write”!


When you focus on viva preparation think about the situation where you’ll be doing the work. What can you do to remove distractions? What can you do to create peace, quiet and calm for yourself?

Perhaps you need to tell people to leave you alone or give you space. Maybe you need to put headphones on or shut a door. Gather your resources first so that you aren’t tempted to get up and get more things.

And come to your preparations with a plan. Don’t decide what you’ll do in the moment, decide in advance to get rid of distractions.