How Can I Know?

If you have doubts that you’ve done enough, that your thesis is good enough or that you are good enough then take a little time to reflect on what you’ve done.

  • How many days did you do the work?
  • How many papers did you read?
  • How many things did you try?
  • How many times did you present your work in some way?
  • How many times did something not work – but you tried again?
  • How many days did you sit down and write something for your thesis?
  • How many times did you have a breakthrough?

For questions like these you won’t always have an exact number. You can know the scale of your past efforts and determination.

You can know that you’ve come this far because you did the work. You can know that whatever mistakes you’ve made along the way that you have done enough. You can know that whatever doubts you have that you are good.