One Hour To Go

With sixty minutes before your viva what are you going to do?

  • Read a few more pages a few more times?
  • Check through your notes again?
  • Knock on your supervisor’s door to ask one more question?
  • Pace  to try and release a little tension?

These are all things I did! I also went to the seminar room   too early and waited for my examiners to be exactly on time.

You can’t always control how you deal with the building expectation of something important. Maybe you can set a better intention though.

I wish I’d thought more about when I was going to arrive. I would have made a plan. I would have found ways to remind myself that I had not been idle in the weeks leading up to my viva.

Nervousness is not an unlikely possibility for viva day. What can you do to make a good final hour before your viva?