Hitting A Milestone

Today is the 2500th daily post of Viva Survivors. I take a few days off each year for Christmas and with sharing the occasional webinar and my Kickstarter last year there’s been more than two-and-a-half thousand blog posts, but today is “officially” Post Number 2500.


When I decided to start a daily blog I didn’t have an endpoint in mind. I only wanted to share a post every day to provide some help. In that regard: mission accomplished!

I see every day as another chance to try something. Every day is another little reminder that I am the person I want to be, that I choose to be. 2500 is a big number, but every day is a milestone.

I do the work and pay attention and remind myself that I did it.


You can do that too. Do the work – whatever your research is – pay attention to the fact that you showed up and got things done and take time to remind yourself. The foundations of confidence in your capability rest on being aware of what you do and what that means. This helps with your viva and with your everyday life.

So show up. Do the work. Treat every day as a chance to do good work. Treat every day as a milestone towards your goal.


And whether this is your first Viva Survivors post you’ve read, or your twentieth or even your 2500th, thank you for reading!