It feels like something big and earth-shattering has happened at least every few weeks for the last couple of years. The news starts to settle and something else comes up to disturb the peace.

This doesn’t have to be on a global or national scale either. In your daily life you can be upset and off-balance simply because the train is late, you catch a cold or you get sad news. Your short- and medium-term plans can be knocked to one side by somebody else’s change of plans or a sudden change of circumstances.

As you prepare for your viva, take a few small steps to help yourself just in case something was to go a little bit wrong:

  • Find and save emergency contact details for a member of staff who could help (if you had to postpone or an examiner cancelled, for example).
  • Plan your viva preparation with “wiggle room” – in case something disruptive happens.
  • Make as many decisions in advance as you can: what you’ll wear for the viva, what you need to have with you, what you will do on the morning of your viva day.

Build as much certainty as you can and take out small steps to guard against crisis and disruption.

Everything will be alright with your viva, but it might not all be exactly as you imagine or plan!