A New Page

Creating a summary is a useful viva prep task, but it can be a daunting one when you are faced with a blank page. There’s a lot of space to fill, and if you only intend to write something then it can be easy to be overwhelmed at the prospect.

Instead, have a clear idea in mind when you set to work to write a summary. On a single page you could:

  • Write a list of ten key references.
  • Explore why you started your research, how you did it and what the result of your research was.
  • List a handful of papers you need to check in your prep.
  • Summarise the main points of each chapter in your thesis.
  • Outline your contribution and key conclusions.

Summaries allow you to gather your thoughts and key ideas before the viva. They are an opportunity to reflect and consider many aspects of your research. Don’t let a new page intimidate you as you get started!