Running Updates

Updates need to be installed.

How do you feel when your computer gives you that notification?

Updates need to be installed. It’s not a suggestion. It’s not something you can do if it sounds good. It needs to happen. Maybe not immediately, but in the near future.

And yet despite the need, your computer will probably still work fine without them; it will still turn on, fire up, navigate to Viva Survivors for the latest post – but your computer will be better with the updates installed.


Thesis corrections are like a software update.

Your thesis needs corrections probably. You’ll be notified of what they are. You won’t have to drop everything but you will need to do them. Maybe not immediately, but within a matter of weeks. You’ll be told what they’re for. You’ll be told why they need to be done. And your thesis might be fine without them in some cases, but it will be better when they’re done.


Software updates can be inconvenient, so you might want to do them at the end of a day or at the weekend. They appear without warning sometimes – which is where the comparison to thesis corrections breaks down!

It’s very likely you’ll need to complete corrections after your viva. So likely that it’s worth checking the regulations in advance to learn the timescale involved. So likely that it’s worth looking in your diary and marking out a few times, in the first instance, when you could do some of the work involved.

Computer updates appear without warning. Thesis corrections can be expected.