Getting Started

Again and again this year I am reminded of a lesson I’ve heard many times.

“Getting started changes everything.”

When I was wondering what to do exactly for 101 Steps To A Great Viva or how to run a Kickstarter, getting started gave me a sense of how much work to do and what the possibilities were.

When I was turning over ideas for a bespoke webinar but not making progress, getting started made me see what ideas I could incorporate from other sessions and helped me find cool things to do with the cohort.

And when I was feeling overwhelmed by a big writing project, getting started allowed me to get a feel for the topic, the points and the humour I wanted to bring to it.

Planning is essential. Information is necessary. A little forethought can really help.

But sometimes these things leads to procrastination. Delay. Avoidance.

Starting viva prep changes everything: you’re on the path to being ready.

Starting to reflect on your PhD journey changes everything: you build your confidence rather than wonder if you’re good enough.

Starting your viva changes everything: no more nerves, no more wondering what will happen.