Find A Guide

Imagine a service on the internet or app on your phone: at the press of a button and by answering a few questions you could be connected to a PhD graduate who could tell you all about their viva.

They would be someone who had completed their PhD in the last few years. They couldn’t have done the same research as you, but would have either a similar knowledge base or common understanding of terms and methods. You could ask them about their prep and their viva. What did they do? What worked for them? What happened? How did they feel?

You could unpick expectations by learning about their experience. In thirty minutes you could get a good sense of the sort of thing that happens at vivas in your research area. This app or website wouldn’t give you a perfect understanding but rather a good idea.

How much would this app or service cost? How would it work? I don’t know!

But that’s OK. You don’t need it. You can already get the same outcome today already.

Think about who you know from your department: who could you ask who has recently completed their PhD? Who do you know who has relevant experience and information? Who could be your guide to what to expect at your viva? Who could share ideas of what could help you to get ready?