Recognise Your Research

To get ready for your viva you, in part, have to recognise and accept that you’ve done good work over a long period of time. You have to look at your research and be able to say, “This is good – and this is why it’s good.” Many parts of viva preparation can help you get ready for this:

  • Read your thesis and add a Post-it Note every time you find a good piece of research.
  • Check your notes and make a list of everything that stands out.
  • Take time to share with others what’s valuable from the last few years of work.
  • Write a summary for yourself outlining what you’re most proud of in your research.

In preparation for your viva, invest time in recognising your research for what it is: a significant, original contribution to knowledge. Take some time to prepare and be confident that you can say what you’ve done – and why it matters.