Making It Look Easy

Have you ever watched someone do something amazing AND make it look easy at the same time? How do they do it?

A comedian doesn’t make a whole theatre laugh at the same time because they have a magical ability that no-one else can have. They may have a talent or skillset – but they have deep practice as well.

A chef demonstrating how to make a superb meal can do so with ease because of years of work, repetition, knowledge and understanding.

A good speaker or presenter at the front of a room can stay on track for thirty minutes, engage an audience and help them to learn or think because of the many hours they did before they got to the room.

If you ever doubt the value of what you’ve done before your viva – “it can’t be that good because now it seems easy!” – remember that it only seems easy thanks to all of your hard work.

How did you do it? Talent, work and time.