Evaluating Success

Why do candidates succeed at the viva?

How do they do it?

What does that success look like?


The why is pretty simple: they have done enough in and through their research to produce a suitably good thesis and suitably capable researcher.

The how isn’t hard either: candidates demonstrate in the thesis and through the viva that they have done enough. They engage with their examiners’ questions and comments and participate in the discussion of the viva.

What success looks like varies: in the majority of vivas, success means being asked to complete some corrections to the satisfaction of examiners. Amendments for the thesis are requested, done and checked in the weeks following the viva.


Why will you succeed? Because you’ve done the work and you’re good.

How will you do it? You’ll demonstrate what’s needed at the viva.

What does success look like for you? A little more work to round out the thesis – and smiles!