Decide On Your Focus

You could focus on being perfect for your viva, but you’ll end up disappointed by the unattainable nature of your goal.

Or you could focus on being prepared for your viva, plan what needs doing and take practical steps to getting things done.

You could focus on not knowing what exactly your examiners will ask you, in which case you’ll probably be worried in advance of meeting them.

Or you could focus on rehearsing for the viva so that you’re confident about engaging with whatever questions are asked.

You could focus on your examiners and their lengthy careers, reams of publications and status at the viva – but you’ll probably feel bad doing so.

Or you could focus on your PhD journey: the effort you’ve put in, the success and progress you’ve made and the personal development you can see over the last few years.

Despite the title of this post you don’t need to have a singular focus for your viva and your preparation. You get to decide what you give your attention to in the weeks leading up to it.

Where will you put your focus?