Security Blankets

On my desk I have a drawing that my daughter gave me on the day of my first Zoom session. It helped me to smile as I tried something new for the first time – against a backdrop of change and uncertainty – and it’s kept me smiling, kept me feeling secure when I work ever since.

It keeps me thinking, “It’s going to be alright.” It helps me remember that whatever else is going on, I can be confident.

Children use all sorts of items as security blankets to help themselves cope or feel fine. Adults tend to put those sorts of things to one side when they “grow up”. But do we need to? Is it better to focus on our nerves and anxieties rather than try simple things to lessen them?

I think you can use whatever security blankets you need for your viva. Use a drawing that your child drew, wear good day socks, a lucky trinket or a process that helps you feel good. All of these things, when you really reflect, are reminders. They’re reminding you that you are capable. They’re prompting your behaviour or perception.

Some are more helpful than others, and of course, you perhaps don’t want to show up to your viva wrapped up in a literal blanket! Short of that, what could you to remind yourself that things are going to be OK? What can you do to remind yourself that you can be confident?

What will you do to help you feel secure for your viva?