In The Margins

You have lots of useful, empty space on the borders of every page in your thesis. In the margins you could:

  • Mark out important sections.
  • Highlight particular types of information.
  • Leave notes to expand on key points.
  • Improve a reference.
  • Clarify something that’s unclear.
  • Correct an error.

You can help yourself: you’re the only person who will see these marginalia, so make them really helpful.

In your preparation, take time to consider what will help your thesis be as useful as possible for the viva. Decide on a consistent way to make margin notes as easy to read and understand as possible.

Then do the work. It won’t take long.

Afterwards you’ll have a better thesis for the purposes of the viva. All of the valuable work you’ve done for years plus, in the margins, some helpful notes to help you succeed when you talk with your examiners.