Start Prep Well

Everyone has responsibilities or time pressures.

Yours might include family life, a job, research you’re working on, caring responsibilities, illness or many other things. Way before you submit, sketch out what a typical day or week is like for you. You don’t need to take days off work necessarily to get ready for the viva, but you might want to mark out a couple of evenings in each week. You might need to block out a Saturday morning. Or ask a family member to cover a responsibility around your home so that you have a little time each evening.

Everyone has responsibilities or time pressures – but preparing for the viva doesn’t need to feel pressured. A small amount of thought, the simplest of sketches for a plan can help you to begin getting ready without a rush, without a feeling of uncertainty, without a sense that you don’t know what you’re doing.

Start well with a plan; start as you mean to go on.