A Valentine For The Viva

A sappy rhyme

A silly card

Could never really say…

So little time

Easy or hard?

One important day!


A great big book

A lot of work

And now it comes to this…

Another look

No way to shirk

A date you cannot miss!


A thousand days

Or maybe more

And by that time you’re steady…

So many ways

And none a chore

And then you can be ready.


It’s not easy

You could worry yet

But you’re a survivor.

This poem’s cheesy

But I’d bet

That you’ll pass your viva.


It’s not one in a million, Cupid’s Arrow, or a lightning bolt that doesn’t strike twice.

Consistently you’ve done good work. You can do that one more time for your viva.

You might not love it, but you’ll survive it!