Best of Viva Survivors 2018: Short Posts

To finish 2018 I’m sharing my favourite posts from the last year. Not every post needs lots of words to make the point. Not every post needs to be an argument or a list or a series of questions. Here’s some of my favourite short posts from the last year.

I really like how the daily blog gives me the freedom to try lots of different ideas and styles. One more day of posts still to come to close out 2018 on the blog. What has been helpful from this review of the best of the year? Let me know! Thank you for reading, and do share any posts which you’ve found helpful.

Best of Viva Survivors 2017: Short Posts

I’m rounding 2017 off with five days of link sharing for five different areas I’ve posted on this year. Today I’m sharing some of my favourite short posts. Sometimes I’ll have a thought and realise it doesn’t take many words to explain it. Others, it’s the beginning of something else I’ll come back to another time. In any case, all of the posts below are brief but helpful. I’ve provided a tiny excerpt from each post to give a taste!

These aren’t the only short posts on the blog. In 2018 I’m hoping to make time to go through and tag shorter posts so they become more searchable. Good idea?

Found another post that you think is awesome? Let me know! And please share my best of 2017 posts with anyone who might need them. Retweets are always welcome!