Nervous or Anxious?

Some candidates feel nervous because of what they did in their thesis. Is it enough?

Some people feel nervous because of what they haven’t done. Have they missed something?

Some feel nervous because of who there examiners are. Will their experience lead to tougher questions?

Some feel nervous because they don’t know what is going to happen. What if there’s a situation they can’t cope with?

And some candidates will be nervous because the viva is important and important things make people nervous!

We can quibble as to whether some of the above is nervousness or anxiety, but either way, these things won’t disappear by themselves. If you feel nervous or anxious you have to do something.

Read your thesis, review a few papers, ask about your examiners, have a mock viva, talk to friends and colleagues and do anything rather than just sit nervous or anxious. Sitting with a negative feeling like that, whatever we call it, won’t help.

What could you do to help yourself? What will you do? Go do it.