Annotation Needs

Take time after submission to annotate your thesis and create a one-of-a-kind special edition. This can then be an even greater resource for helping you respond to your examiners.

So what do you need to add to have a well-annotated thesis for your viva?


To unpick this question we have to add some emphasis. What do YOU need to add to have a well-annotated thesis for YOUR viva?

Annotation is highly personal. From particular needs and wants, the actual text of the thesis, the circumstances of the candidate and the situation of the viva, there are lots of things that someone could need or want. Of course there is then a great variety in how these things could be expressed in annotation.

A typical need is to be able to find the start of a chapter with ease. This could be done with bookmarks, sticky notes, colouring the edges of pages or folding down page corners. There’s no wrong way to do it, just a personal way – and it’s not wrong if you’d rather not have any indicator marking the start of a chapter!

What do you need to annotate your thesis in a good way for you? How will you do it?