6 Reasons To Create A Summary

There are lots of reasons to create summaries as part of getting ready for your viva. Here are 6!

  1. They help you to figure out what you think.
  2. Writing a summary can help you find clarity about some aspect of your thesis or research.
  3. You can highlight key information or details.
  4. You can gather useful thoughts you might want to use in the viva.
  5. You can build confidence by reflecting on what you’ve done.
  6. A summary is a small project.

I think number 6 is overlooked sometimes. Viva prep can feel big, daunting and even open-ended. A summary is a finite task to be done. The process helps and the output is a resource.

Find an important aspect of your thesis or research. Spend a little time thinking about it and capturing useful thoughts about it.