A Few Random Posts

Every page on the Viva Survivors site has a little link in the sidebar that says

Click here for a random post of viva help!

If you use it then you’ll find yourself reading one of (currently) 2467 daily viva help posts.

If you have a specific topic or problem you’re looking to read about then the search bar or selecting a tag beneath a post will be a better way to find help. But if you just want to read a helpful thought related to the viva, the random post link is probably the way to go. Here are five posts that the link just gave me:

  • Not-To-Do – what would it be helpful to avoid in viva prep?
  • Scrawl – thinking about thesis annotation.
  • What If I Fail? – the big question in the minds of many worried candidates.
  • Breathe – an encouragement to relax a little.
  • Defending Your Work – what it means to really defend without being defensive.

A few random posts can offer a lot of help – and I’ve worked to make sure that there’s a lot more than a few random posts on Viva Survivors.

If you’re looking for help, you’ll find some here 🙂