10 Tiny Prep Steps

Because small things add up:

  1. Download your institution’s viva regulations.
  2. Bookmark your examiners’ staff pages.
  3. Add a sticky note to the start of each thesis chapter.
  4. Write one sentence about why you wanted to do a PhD.
  5. Take one minute to think about how you could annotate your thesis.
  6. Write down three questions you need to ask your supervisor.
  7. List three good things about your research.
  8. Message a friend and ask if they want to get coffee.
  9. Bookmark the mini-vivas resource for use when you get coffee!
  10. Take one minute to write a list of viva prep tasks you need to do.

There’s lots of big things to do to get ready for your viva, but very step – no matter how tiny – adds to your overall preparation.