Soundtrack For The Viva

I find that I do a lot of work better when I’m listening to music.

Whether I’m writing, working through admin, searching, researching or just developing ideas, I tend to have music in the background. More often than not, particularly if I’m doing something creative, I listen to music without words – movie or video game soundtracks – with the occasional rock or pop music for energising me to get admin done!


If you could have a soundtrack playing during your viva, what would it be? What music could help you focus? Perhaps certain music would help you remember the last few years of work? Or maybe you’d just need something quiet or calm to help the general mood of the room.

It’s very unlikely you will have music at your viva, but it’s worth reframing the questions above to think about what else you can do to help yourself in that space.

  • What could you do to help you focus?
  • What would help your memory of your work?
  • What could you do to feel calm as you approach your viva?

Music might help you in preparation; take time to explore what you could do to help yourself on the day of the viva too.