Community Matters

You’re not alone as you prepare for your viva. Your are part of a research community: your department, your research network and even random people you know on social media. Every member of this community can play a part in helping you.

  • Senior academics, like your supervisor and others, can help you understand what’s involved in the viva. What do they do to get ready as examiners? What do they look for? What does that mean for you?
  • PhD graduates from your department can share what they did to get ready and what happened. What helped them? What happened at their viva? What do they recommend you do?
  • Other PhD candidates can help you to get ready now. Who has time? What do you need? Does anyone have time to chat with you or listen to you talk about your research?

You’re the only person who can go to your viva and meet with your examiners. It’s your viva – but before then there is a lot of support available to you.

And after your viva you have the opportunity to support others in your community too.