The Right Stuff

For your viva you need the right people in the right place at the right time.

What makes your examiners right for you could make them wrong for anybody else. You may have the opportunity to suggest names, but however they are selected they will have the right characteristics to be good examiners for you.

Only the right amount of progress can make a candidate right for writing up and their thesis right for submission. Your thesis doesn’t have to be perfect: in fact, in order to be right there probably has to be a lot of material left out.

Right? Does this all make sense? A lot of things need to be a certain way in order to create viva success: not perfect, just “right”. Fit for the purpose. Meeting the standard.

Good enough.

More than anything, these two words can emphasise that you’re doing the right thing when you go to your viva. You’ve worked enough, learned enough, done enough and are good enough.