Looking For Viva Help?

This is an extra blog post today to say thank you for subscribing. This post is public on Viva Survivors but I won’t be publicising it on Twitter etc. It’s really just for you.

I’ve been writing this blog for over six years now and I have no plans for stopping. There are so many reasons why I keep doing it.

  • I know that people, like you, subscribe and read what I write.
  • I know that it helps people.
  • It’s helped me to have a practice, inspiration and an ongoing project.

It really does help to know that so many people like you subscribe. Thank you.

If you ever read a post and it sparks a question or you’re getting ready for your viva, do get in touch. I’m always happy to respond with some thoughts.

And if you’re looking for viva help right now then please take a look at my upcoming 7 Reasons You’ll Pass Your Viva sessions.

7 Reasons You’ll Pass Your Viva is a tried and tested 1-hour live session where I break down what the viva is all about, how you can engage with it and what you can do to pass. It’s a 1-hour confidence boost and I’m thrilled to be offering at different times on three consecutive days.

If this sounds helpful, check the dates and register soon: space is limited and I won’t be running more until at least the autumn. To continue saying thank you for your support, if you book in the next three days and use code CONFIDENCE you can save 20% on the registration.

If you’ve already had your viva and have valued my writing or sessions in the past then please pass this on to someone who might need 7 Reasons You’ll Pass Your Viva.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!