Last Call For Summer Sessions!

I have three viva help sessions running this week and there’s still time for you to join me!

7 Reasons You’ll Pass Your Viva is a tried and tested 1-hour live session of viva help. I’ve delivered it almost seventy times in the last three years. In one hour I break down what the viva is all about, how you can engage with it and what you can do to pass – and we still have time for your questions too!

The seven reasons I share are not tiny things. They’re not hacks, tips or dodges. They’re seven fundamental things to know, explore and hold on to. 7 Reasons You’ll Pass Your Viva is a 1-hour confidence boost. I’m sharing it three times over the next three days. You can find out more at these registration links:

Registration closes an hour before the start of each session; I won’t be running more until at least the autumn.

If you’ve already had your viva or have valued my writing or sessions in the past then please pass this on to someone who might need 7 Reasons You’ll Pass Your Viva.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!