Differences, Difficulties & Opportunities

In-person and video vivas have differences but at the core is the same viva experience. The viva is the same whether or not you are in the same room as your examiners: same purpose, same drivers for questions, same outcomes and same people involved.

By now we know that some differences create difficulties. Awkward pauses. Signal delays. Rooms that are not wholly suitable. Logistical challenges for meeting in-person.

Oh, yes: not all difficulties come from vivas over video. In-person vivas could be difficult situations too.

It’s worth knowing that some differences create opportunities. Sitting around a table. A certain desired atmosphere. Being in one’s own space. Being in control of your working environment.

Your institution may or may not have a preference over where your viva would take place. Still, think about your circumstances and what you need.

What are the difficulties for you in having a viva in-person or over video? Are there opportunities for you if you had one or the other? After the last few years it’s important to acknowledge that there isn’t a best option generally: in-person and video vivas can both work well.

The right location and setup for the viva is what is best for you.