The Best Of The Best Of Viva Survivors 2022

At the end of December I shared five days of posts recapping my favourite writing from 2022. In case you missed that or you’re looking for some helpful highlights, here’s the best of those five days, with links to each round-up post!

Best of Viva Survivors 2022: Viva Prep – I was very happy to reshare lots of help connected with viva prep, but especially A Helpful Acronym, one of the best little ideas related to viva help I’ve had!

Best of Viva Survivors 2022: Reflections – I like having the space with this blog to do things a little different sometimes. The Red Button is certainly different, but hopefully contains a point well worth considering before the viva.

Best of Viva Survivors 2022: Short PostsMaking A Difference is a helpful reminder!

Best of Viva Survivors 2022: Confidence – Last year I worked with almost 1000 postgraduate researchers in viva-related sessions. Daily Confidence was inspired by something written in the chat at one of those sessions, a point that I’ve been thinking about a lot.

Best of Viva Survivors 2022: Surviving – The definition of survive is manage to keep going in difficult circumstances. It’s only natural then that at some point I would write a post called Keep Going, so that I could dig into that idea a little more.

Following that last theme, in May 2022 I published a book containing the best of the first five years of the Viva Survivors daily blog: Keep Going: A Viva Survivors Anthology.

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