For The Last Time

There’s a lot of attention given to the idea that the viva could be the last time that a candidate gets to really talk about their research.

Discussing your work with your examiners could be the final chance to do so – after that, even if you stay in academia maybe your conversations will be on new research and new ideas. If you move out of academia perhaps the viva will be the last chance to talk about your research.

Not a lot of attention is given to the truth that while the viva might be the last time to have a deep discussion about your PhD research, it will not be the first time. So many candidates are nervous thinking about the “final” time, without paying attention to the fact that they have done this many, many times before – and can be confident as a result.

Meetings, seminars, webinars, practical demonstrations, conversations and hour upon hour of deep thought about how best to explain things. If your viva is the last time you go to it plenty of experience to make the best of the occasion.