Help Yourself

“What’s the most important thing I can do today that would make tomorrow better?”

I’ve had that question stuck on the wall at eye-height next to my desk for as long as I can remember. I saw it in a book or a blog post years ago, liked the provocation, and have used it as a reminder ever since.

Focussing on the most important aspect of the prompt sometimes leaves me trying to do great, big things. Most of the time I think about little tasks, any small things I can do, that will make tomorrow better for me.

  • Maybe I can make a to-do list to be more organised.
  • Maybe I can tidy my desk.
  • Maybe I can make time for a break or a walk.
  • Maybe I can read something small to prepare myself.

I look ahead and think, “What would help Future-Me? What would make my tomorrow better?”

There are lots of big, important things you have to do to be ready for your viva. There’s a lot that goes into finishing your PhD journey. But within a busy day, as an act of kindness for Future-You, consider what you could to do help your tomorrow.

  • Maybe you could email a friend to ask for help.
  • Maybe you could make a list of tasks to do.
  • Maybe you could take care of yourself, take a break or go for a walk!
  • Maybe you could bring together some resources you’ll use.

Look ahead and think, “On the path to my viva, what could I do today to make tomorrow better?”