Separating Viva Prep

Doing viva prep reminds me a little of separating rubbish into recycling and non-recycling.

For your rubbish you might have two or more bins to collect things in. You could have a system in place for cleaning tins or bottles, stacking them somewhere and so on. It’s not a good idea to put everything in one container and then get on with things: with a little organisation the whole process works better.

It’s a necessary task so it helps to have a good way to get it done.

Viva prep is also better with a little planning. It pays to structure your time. It pays to set tasks in advance rather than decide what to do as you go along. It’s necessary as well: despite the many, many hours of work on your PhD you now need to prepare for the particular challenge of the viva.

Hopefully you get my point – please don’t let your takeaway be that good viva prep is rubbish!