Playing For Confidence

I’m going to share a secret today. I’ve hinted at it in webinars for the last year, but never completely revealed what I’m about to share with you: my secret playlist of songs that boost my confidence.

The five songs I listen to when I want to feel capable, confident and ready to get things done. The playlist is here on YouTube, and is a short burst of happiness and energy that helps me when I need it. I need it before each webinar to get me into the right frame of mind for the hour or three that will follow.

And it’s a trick.

Five songs I’ve built up a strong association with feeling confident and doing good work. Listening to it shifts me to feeling more capable for what’s ahead. If I feel tired, I wake up. If I’m uncertain because of something, it focuses me. If I felt good, I now feel great.

There’s no reason at all that my boosting playlist will work for you – but you can find your own. Five songs that help you feel good, talented, capable and more. Or a poem that you read that calms you before something important. A passage from a novel, a powerful video or a pair of socks. There will be something that you can find that boosts you.

You still have to do the work, but if you look you will find a confidence boost for your viva.