Lots of people support Viva Survivors in lots of different ways:

  • Thank you if you follow the site via Twitter! I’m floored sometimes by how many followers I have now…
  • Thank you if you subscribe to the blog! When I started sharing a post every day maybe twenty people were subscribed. Now over ten times as many receive a daily message from me!
  • Thank you if you’ve ever supported me via Ko-fi! Since setting it up in February, donors have covered the hosting costs for the site for the year – something which makes me very happy and grateful!

Lots of people support me in lots of different ways. I’m grateful to them all. I’m grateful to YOU for reading this. Thank you.


Thank your supporters as you get closer to your viva. You can’t have got this far without being good, but you also can’t have got this far on your PhD journey alone. From supervisors to spouses, peers to partners, friends and family: you’ve had companions for the journey, people who’ve shared the load with you and people who’ve helped you get further.

Don’t forget to thank them.

And don’t forget, if you need to, to ask for more support. Ask for help if you need it. Ask for understanding. Ask for people to listen, or wait, or do something to help you to the viva and beyond. Then do the same for them if they need it.


Again, thank you for your support: thanks for following on Twitter, subscribing for the posts and for helping the site via Ko-fi. If you don’t do any of those things, maybe take a look! Thank you 🙂