A Viva Prep Top Ten

It has to be a top ten rather than the top ten, because there are so many useful things that one could do to get ready for the viva!

  1. Sketch a post-submission timeline.
  2. Stick a Post-it Note at the start of each thesis chapter.
  3. Read recent papers by your examiners.
  4. Check the regulations for your institution.
  5. Read. Your. Thesis.
  6. Have a mock viva.
  7. Write a few summaries.
  8. Check the details of the viva arrangements.
  9. Explore the why of your research.
  10. Find ways to remind yourself that you are good at what you do.

There’s more you could do, but this list would give someone a good overview of the practical work that helps.

What else would you add to this list? And what are you going to do next to get ready?