Do One Little Thing

It’s 2020. You’re tired, you’re pressured, you’ve got no focus, you have a million and one other things to do and you still have to get ready for your viva.

My viva was a long time ago, but I empathise with anyone who feels like they can’t get things done right now. And yet still, you have to.

If any or all of those things are true, then do one little thing and then rest.

  • Put one bookmark in your thesis.
  • Write down one interesting question that comes to mind.
  • Find one nice piece of stationery to use in your prep.
  • Make a note of one person you can ask for help.
  • Take one Post-it Note and write “I can do it!” on it.
  • Stick that Post-it somewhere prominent in your workspace.

You can do it. You will do it. Despite tiredness, pressure, everything else you need to do and everything else going on around you, you can do it. There are lots of big things you might have to do to get ready, but lots of little things add up.

Do one little thing if you’re tired. Then rest. There’s still time.